Our values

Operating in a responsible manner is integral to successful execution of our business strategy and is underpinned by our commitment to work in accordance with Hurricane's values.


we keep it simple


we see what others miss


we never give up


the whole is greater than the sum of its parts


it all adds up

Our stakeholders

We focus on the social and governance issues that are of significance to our stakeholders. Our main stakeholders include: investors; governments; employees; contractors; suppliers; and regulators. We aim to work in a transparent and accessible way and tailor our engagement processes to suit each group. Feedback and open dialogue allow us to consider a wide perspective of views, which inform our work on our sustainability issues. 

Our approach to working responsibly

Hurricane's directors take a close interest in the management of issues across the cycle, from impact assessments and feasibility studies through early stage drilling campaigns, to final the stages of project development.

Our Board members bring with them high standards and a clear vision across sustainability related areas. The Board assesses and monitors sustainability related risks within its oversight of principal risks. Ethical conduct and anti-fraud practices are also monitored in this forum, in accordance with the whistleblowing policy and other business standards.

The Health and Safety Environmental Management (HSEM) Committee is responsible for recommending polices on health and safety and environmental issues to the Board, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer. 

Engagement and collaboration with others are essential to how we work to identify and reduce the impacts of our activities. Our employees are selected, trained and developed to carry out their duties safely, competently and with due care. We provide a clear feedback structure, establish appropriate operating practices and implement training programmes to ensure effective delivery on our policies.

Suppliers and contractors, relevant third parties, and other companies are also aware of our policies, standards and commitment to good practices. We continually work with them, sharing best practice and seeking out synergies to improve performance.

Sharing ideas is important to us. Hurricane is a member of a number of international, national and industry associations and groups. Our work in collaboration with others gives us a wide perspective and the opportunity to be both a contributor and learner in addressing sustainability challenges. Finding workable solutions both for our business, and the oil industry as a whole, is important to us.

Our commitment to acting with integrity, fairness and transparency is the cornerstone to the way we do business. Our anti-corruption and bribery policy and our work to impart our values and standards on all who work with us are testimony to that. We believe this approach is essential for delivering our business strategy.

Bribery and corruption risk is considered in our overall approach to risk management at Hurricane. We have policies and procedures in place to manage ethical conduct risks. We also work on the detection and prevention of fraud and monitor and report any findings. Our framework covers our work with third parties as well as our own workforce. Ethical conduct standards give guidance in many areas including the procurement of goods and services and everyday production and operational activities.

Hurricane provides training on the management of ethical conduct risks and encourages everyone to be alert to the nature of fraud, bribery and corruption and the situations in which they can arise. Training is mandatory for all employees and independent contractors.

We operate a whistleblowing policy which encourages all employees and contractors to report any situation where they have reasonable belief that there has been a breach, or potential breach, in Hurricane’s policies or standards.

Hurricane respects human rights, information management, local values and the rights of our local communities.