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Date 22 Nov 2019
Title Holdsworth, R.E., Trice, R., et al. The nature and age of basement host rocks and fissure fills in the Lancaster field fractured reservoir, West of Shetland. In: Journal of the Geological Society
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Date 24 Sep 2019
Title Trice, R. Hiorth, C. Holdsworth, R. 2019. Fractured basement play development on the UK and Norwegian rifted margins. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 495 https://doi.org/10.1144/SP495-2018-174
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Date 26 Jul 2019
Title Bonter, D. & Trice, R. 2019. An integrated approach for fractured basement characterization: the Lancaster Field, a case study in the UK. Petroleum Geoscience. https://doi.org/10.1144/petgeo2018-152
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Date 05 Mar 2019
Title Appex Conference Presentation - Rona Ridge Basement Play Update
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Date 02 Jun 2018
Title Bonter, D., Trice, R., Cavelleri, C., Delius, H., & Singh, K. 2018. Giant Oil Discovery West of Shetland - Challenges for Fractured Basement Formation Evaluation. SPWLA 59th Annual Logging Symposium, 2-6 June, London, UK
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Date 07 Feb 2018
Title Integrated Approach for Fractured Basement Characterisation, presented at EAGE 3rd Naturally Fractured Reservoir Workshop, Muscat
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Date 23 Jan 2018
Title A Case study from the West of Shetland Lancaster Field
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Date 12 Sep 2017
Title Developing the Full Field Simulation Model of a Fractured Basement Reservoir West of Shetland Using INTERSECT, presented at SIS Global Forum, Paris
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Date 09 May 2017
Title Devex 2017 Real time data interpretation presentation
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Date 26 Sep 2016
Title Belaidi, A., Bonter, D., Slightam, C. & Trice, R. The Lancaster Field: Progress in opening the UK’s fractured basement play. In: Bowman, M. & Levell, B. (eds) Petroleum Geology of NW Europe: 50 Years of Learning – Proceedings of the 8th Petroleum Geology
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Date 31 May 2016
Title Society of Petroleum Engineers presentation
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Date 29 Sep 2015
Title Petroleum Geology Conference presentation
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Date 21 May 2015
Title Devex 2015 - Conceptualising a new Infrastructure Hub West of Shetland
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Date 21 May 2015
Title Devex 2015 - Enabling Geological Scale Dynamic Modelling of a Fractured Basement Reservoir
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Date 23 Jul 2014
Title Slightam, C. Characterizing seismic-scale faults pre- and post-drilling; Lewisian Basement, West of Shetlands, UK. In: Spence, G. H., Redfern, J., Aguilera, R., Bevan, T. G., Cosgrove, J. W., Couples, G. D. & Daniel, J. M. (eds) Advances in the Study of F
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Date 15 Apr 2014
Title Employing Conventional Modelling Software to Evaluate Fractured Basement Reservoirs, presented at SIS Global Forum, Barcelona
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Date 28 Feb 2014
Title Trice, R. Basement exploration West of Shetlands, progress in opening a new play on the UKCS. In: Cannon, S. J. C. & Ellis, D. (eds) Hydrocarbon Exploration to Exploitation West of Shetlands. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 397, 81-105
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