P1368 Central – Lancaster

The Lancaster Field is located in blocks 205/21a, 205/22a and 205/26b, licence P1368 Central. Hurricane has a 100% interest in this licence.

The Lancaster Field was discovered by Hurricane in 2009. It sits in relatively shallow water of around 160m. Hurricane is implementing a phased development on Lancaster using the two horizontal wells drilled on the structure. The first phase of the development, the Early Production System (EPS), came on stream in June 2019. The data acquired during the EPS phase of production will help optimise future development phases in order to maximise production from the field.

The UK’s first ever exploration well targeted at a basement reservoir was drilled by Hurricane in 2009 on Lancaster. The well, 205/21a-4, discovered a pervasive fracture network and flowed light (38° API) oil to surface, demonstrating the viability of the Rona Ridge basement play.

Lancaster has been further appraised by inclined wells 205/21a-4Z (2010) and 205/21a-7 (2016) and two horizontal producers, 205/21a-6 (2014) and 205/21a-7Z (2016). Both horizontal wells have demonstrated that the reservoir is highly productive with PIs in excess of 140 stb/psi/d. 205/21a-6 flowed at 9,800 bopd using an electrical submersible pump (ESP) and 205/21a-7Z flowed at 15,375 bopd using an ESP. Both rates were constrained by the rig rather than the reservoir.