The Whirlwind discovery is located across blocks 205/21a and 205/22a in the West of Shetland, some 10km to the north of our Lancaster discovery.

Whirlwind was the second basement prospect drilled by Hurricane. Whirwind is mapped as a large (approximately 33 km2) basement structure that is approximately 2000 metres deeper than Lancaster, although it is likely to be charged from the same source. Whirlwind was drilled during 2010 and subsequently re-entered for well testing in 2011. The well flowed light oil/gas-condensate from an open hole test conducted over Lower Cretaceous limestones and underlying fractured basement although it was not possible to determine precisely which intervals were flowing hydrocarbons nor the precise composition of the hydrocarbons at reservoir conditions.

The Whirlwind well was suspended for future appraisal with the option of re-entering for sidetracking and further testing being considered.

The CPR has assigned 2C Contingent Resources of 205 MMboe (oil case) or 179 MMboe (gas –condensate case) to Whirlwind.

The diagram below indicates the Whirlwind structure. The previous exploration well, 205/22-1a and Hurricane's well, 205/21a-5 are indicated.