The Typhoon prospect is located in blocks 204//22a, 204/23c 204/27a and 204/28a, around 30 km to the west of Lancaster.

Typhoon is primarily a basement prospect but also offers potential in overlying Jurassic sandstones. Previous drilling during the 1980s on Typhoon resulted in heavy oil being discovered in both the basement and the Jurassic sandstones. A subsequent well deep on the flank of the structure encountered oil in the basement indicative of a light oil charge.

These previously drilled wells lead Hurricane to believe that significant volumes of lighter oil could be present deeper within the prospect, as a flank accumulation. The 2013 CPR has assigned unrisked P50 Prospective Resources of 149 MMboe to Typhoon and 1,266 MMboe for the P10 volume acknowledging the material flank potential of this asset.

An explanation of our model explaining how oil may have accumulated in the flank of the structure may be found here. If you would like to know more about definitions of resources, such as Prospective Resources, click here.

Below we have shown a second 3D model from a different perspective indicating two of the previous wells by other explorers