Located 20 kms to the southwest of Lancaster, Strathmore is an undeveloped oil field that was discovered in 1990. Unlike Hurricane's other assets, Strathmore is a sandstone reservoir, not a fractured basement.

The majority of the field resides within our Block 204/30a and unlike our other prospects and discoveries, Strathmore contains oil in Triassic-aged sandstones. We believe Strathmore could be most economically developed by tie-back to neighbouring infrastructure – and we are looking at using Lancaster as the main development hub.

Cored interval of oil-stained Triassic-aged fluvial sandstones from Strathmore discovery well 205/26a-3

The diagram below is a map illustrating the Strathmore asset, Top Otterbank Sandstone. The blue dotted line indicates the oil water contact (OWC) level. The red line indicates the Hurricane block boundary.