Located in Block 205/26b, the Lincoln basement prospect is geologically similar to the nearby Lancaster structure.

Seismic interpretation indicates the likely presence of fracturing within the basement and, encouragingly, a previous well (205/26-1) drilled on the down-dip flank of the Lincoln structure found oil in sandstones immediately above the basement, thus mitigating the oil charge risk to the prospect. Traces of oil were also noted in the short interval of basement that was drilled below the oil bearing sandstones.

Given its proximity to Lancaster (approximately 7kms) and its resource potential (unrisked P50 prospective resource of 150 MMstb- see the Competent Person's Report), Lincoln is an attractive prospect that could deliver significant incremental value via tie-back to a Lancaster development hub.

Below we have shown a 3D model of the Lincoln prospect indicating the location of Hurricane's proposed well and also the location of a well drilled by a previous explorer.