This is a collaboration between the oil industry and the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton to make observations of the seabed and associated biological communities immediately around well locations. Utilising a drilling rig’s remote operated vehicle (“ROV”) during downtime, SERPENT gathers detailed observations and imagery of the seabed environment. By taking images immediately before and after drilling operations, we have been able to closely monitor the extent of any disturbance to local seabed habitats and communities.

In addition, by employing SERPENT over consecutive drilling and testing operations at Whirlwind, Hurricane has been able to monitor the dispersal of cuttings caused by drilling and the recovery of local seabed communities over time. The monitoring data acquired through the SERPENT collaboration helps facilitate a clearer, industry wide understanding of the effects of drilling on seabed communities, and helps guide the development of effective mitigation measures.

Sea animals' images courtesy of the SERPENT Project