Our people are the heart of Hurricane and without the team we would not be able to achieve anything. So as one of our five overriding policies, this is of great importance to the business and culture of Hurricane.

People Policy

Hurricane employs and engages people who are competent, having the skills, experience and attitude necessary to fulfil the responsibilities associated with their position along with capacity to grow as individuals.

Our Values

A high degree of importance is placed on all individuals employed being prepared to embody the values that underpin our business.

  • Straightforward - we keep it simple
  • Ingenious - we see what others miss
  • Tenacious - we never give up
  • Collaborative - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  • Logical - it all adds up

Our Commitments

To reward individuals who use their skills and experience to explore and challenge the technical boundaries associated with their role. To maximise the opportunities our empowered team culture provide, our people:

  • Adhere to the values and policies of the Company
  • Treat all as equals regardless of gender, race, colour or creed and respect the diversity of the workforce
  • Safeguard our business and the workplace by management of personal performance and development. This will be achieved by the provision of a Performance Management System, Competency Assurance System and complimentary training plans
  • Ensure understanding and compliance with the regulatory framework within which we conduct business
  • Practice continual improvement and apply key learning that enables future success
  • Provide security and effective management of all personal data to an accepted standard
  • Assure the performance of third party service providers is aligned through a contractor selection and management strategy

These commitments form the basis from which internal targets for achievement are monitored, reported and revised.