Health and Safety Policy

Hurricane conducts its business responsibly, with respect for the people and communities within the areas in which we work. We safeguard our activities to ensure that we never knowingly compromise our health and safety obligations and recognised standards in pursuit of improving our business results.

We are committed to achieving continual improvement to enhance our Health and Safety performance, and regard compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and other obligations as a minimum standard.  We will consider the context of the company and relevant interested parties to ensure our obligations and other management issues are identified comprehensively.

We will work with our employees, contractors and suppliers to identify and reduce the Health and Safety impacts of our activities.

Our Commitments

We provide leadership which fosters a safe and healthy working environment, enabling us to conduct business in a manner that:

  • Seeks to prevent injury and ill health to those engaged in delivering our business objectives and those people and communities within the areas in which we work
  • Engages and involves competent people in our business
  • Makes accountabilities and responsibilities clear
  • Promotes open and honest communication
  • Assesses, manages and controls risk through a hierarchy of control
  • Creates a culture of continual improvement specific, but not exclusive to, H&S management and performance
  • Plans and prepares for the unexpected: we investigate and learn from events where our safeguards may have failed
  • Ensures our third party service providers, as a minimum, conform to our core standards
  • Monitors and manages safety performance in accordance with our Incident Reporting Procedure
  • Complies with both our legal and other statutory requirements
  • Ensure appropriate emergency response procedures are in place and regularly tested to minimise the impact of any such incidents or emergencies
  • We will stop work rather than conduct activities that are in conflict with our policy.

These commitments form the basis from which internal targets for achievement are monitored, reported and revised.