Environmental Policy

Hurricane recognises its responsibility to the environment and will take positive steps to address the environmental impacts associated with all our operations.

We are committed to achieving continual improvement in our environmental management system to enhance environmental performance, and regard compliance with the relevant laws, regulations and other obligations as a minimum standard.  We will consider the context of the company and relevant interested parties to ensure our obligations and other management issues are identified comprehensively.

We will work with our employees, contractors and suppliers to identify and reduce the environmental impacts of our activities.

Our Commitments

  • All of our offshore operations shall be managed under our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System
  • We will identify and conform to all compliance obligations relevant to our operations
  • We will involve our employees in maintaining the Environmental Management System, provide a clear feedback structure, establish appropriate operating practices and implement training programmes
  • All our employees will be selected, trained and developed to carry out their duties safely, competently and with due care for the environment
  • We will implement measures to protect the environment, including prevention of pollution, where reasonably practicable
  • We will continually review all our business operations, in order to identify and minimise our environmental impacts
  • We will consider the sustainability of required resources during the planning and execution of our offshore operations and conduct them in the most sustainable fashion achievable
  • We will identify steps to reduce disturbance to sensitive seabed communities and preserve biodiversity as far as possible
  • We will set appropriate environmental objectives, monitor progress in achieving these and report the results to the Board on a regular basis
  • We will take environmental considerations into account in all our operations, ensure that our suppliers and contractors are aware of our policy, and encourage them to commit to good environmental practices

These commitments will be reviewed regularly and specifically prior to major operational activities.  As measure of Hurricane’s environmental performance, the fulfillment of these commitments will be monitored continually and communicated to both the Board and employees.